“On behalf of the members of Powys Montgomery Federation of WI’s, I would like to thank you for the warmth and hospitality you extended to us on our recent visit to Liverpool.  For such a large group everyone was able hear you clearly and you managed to keep us all together!  How they enjoyed hearing all the fascinating facts and legends of the city, especially the tour of the Cathedral.  I’m sure they would have listened to you all day – they thoroughly enjoyed it.”

—Amanda Willday, Federation Chairman, Powys Montgomery Federation of WI’s

“I looked at my watch and thought, I have listened to Harriet talk for over two hours and not once have I thought about a coffee and a biscuit and that takes some doing.  You are very good at what you do and I wish you every success in the future.  Everyone I spoke to had a lovely day, thank you so much.”

—Dave Blackwood, Angela’s Tai Chi School

“A perfect day!  Your voice was lovely and soothing.”

—Ruth McCann